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5. Travel reporter

Rétor dice....

With all you learnt in previous sections,
you are ready to write a front page article. Isn't it exciting?
I'm sure you will be an excellent travel reporter!

Easy to read


La imagen muestra un periódico You are ready to write a front page article.

Tú estás preparado para escribir un artículo de portada de periódico.

It is exciting.

Eso es apasionante.

La imagen muestra un reportero de viaje. You are an excellent travel reporter.

Tú eres un reportero de viaje excelente.

1. My first travel journal

In groups of four, write a digital front page article following the guidelines below.
Remember that it was Retor Fog who travelled so, use the third-person singular to describe what Retor Fog visited, ate…
When all the groups finish, collect all the front page articles and create a travel journal.


Work in small groups of four.


Look at the pictures and choose one of them. Imagine you visited that place.









Places description

Include relevant information about the places Retor Fog visited (weather, local food, traditions, festivities…). You can search the web to find out this information.

Front page article

Write a front page article using the past simple tense (Include a number of relevant events during Retor Fog's visit to the different places).


Highlight the important landmarks of the places Retor Fog visited.


Include some pictures.


Here you have a guide to create your front page article

Front page article

Click here to access the document (Front page article)


Before you finish, use this checklist to make sure all the information is included

Checklist · Front page article

Click here to access the document (Checklist · Front page article)

Easy to read


La imagen muestra una tablet con mapa. You create digital travel journal.

Tú creas un diario de viaje digital.

La imagen muestra una hoja con indicaciones You follow the guidelines.

Tú sigues estas indicaciones.

La imagen muestra un hombre explicando. You show the places and activities of your last trip.

Tú muestras los lugares y actividades de tu último viaje.

Do you need help?

If you need help to create a travel reporter, click here to access our Digital Competence Guide and learn about the best presentation software to work with your team mates.

2. What have I learnt?

In this last step, I am going to ask you to think about what has been the most important thing you have learnt in order to achieve the challenge.

What you discover by thinking, will help you when you have to meet similar challenges in the future.

Stop for a moment and complete STEP 4 of your Learning Diary (What have I learned?)!


  • Ask your teacher whether you will fill it in on paper or on the computer.
  • If you fill it in on the computer, don't forget to save it on your computer when you finish it!

Cheer up, you'll do great!

¿Necesitas más ayuda?

En este último paso te voy a proponer que pienses en qué ha sido lo más importante de todo lo que has aprendido para conseguir el reto que te proponíamos.

Lo que descubras pensando en ello te servirá para cuando tengas que alcanzar retos parecidos en un futuro.

¡Para un momento y completa el PASO 4 de tu Diario de aprendizaje (¿Qué he aprendido?)!


  • Pregunta a tu profesor o profesora si la rellenarás en papel o en el ordenador.
  • Si la rellenas en el ordenador, ¡no te olvides de guardarla en tu ordenador cuando la termines!

¡Ánimo, que lo harás genial!

How fun it is to learn with others!

When we work in a group, we also learn as a team. There are classmates who remember a lot of things, others who speak very well, others who are very skilled with their hands or feet, others who are great drawers ... 

We all have superpowers to solve activities, but when we combine them, we learn together and we are able to solve any challenge. 

That's why it's important that your team follows these tips: 

  • Everything one person knows is shared with others.
  • We collaborate on tasks to make the team work.
  • We value each person's superpowers.
  • We respect what each person brings to the team.